The Great Destroyers

by Defessus



I happened to be in the studio as Defessus was frantically re-recording their album (a hard drive crashed and they lost almost all of their progress!) and I provided two short guest vocal spots on their songs, which you can hear (but not purchase or download) here!


released July 6, 2011

All credit goes to Defessus, its members and F2 Studios other than my guest vocal performance.




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Welcome to Connor Arbiter's Hidden Temple of Music. You'll find B-sides, unreleased tracks, demos, works-in-progress, and other tastes of Connor Arbiter's projects, both serious and completely ridiculous!
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Track Name: The Great Destroyers (Ft. Connor Arbiter)
The lyrics I performed are "The time is now!" and "We are the great destroyers!"
Track Name: Construct (Ft. Connor Arbiter)
The lyrics I performed in this track are at the end and are:

"The rules will break, the rules will bend.
I surrender my life. to the hopeless I defend!
For tomorrow! For tomorrow!"