Swirlin' In A Vortex

by Nice Fur Collective

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released March 4, 2014




Connor Arbiter's Hidden Temple of Music Traverse City, Michigan

Connor Arbiter is known by most people as "that lulzy guy who growls for the band Arbiter", but since 2006, Connor has appeared in many projects, extending far beyond the reaches of expectation!

Welcome to Connor Arbiter's Hidden Temple of Music. You'll find B-sides, unreleased tracks, demos, works-in-progress, and other tastes of Connor Arbiter's projects, both serious and completely ridiculous!
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Track Name: Swirlin' In A Vortex
Dazed and Confused baby!
I don't even know what's goin on...
????? baby,
Think it's time to move on...
No one even likes that movie.
They only like this song.

Swirlin in a haze of drugs abuse.
I look like a sheep from now on (that's a bear.. dammit)
Yeah, No more salvia for me.

Happy Birthday!
I like roses and hearts and i wish i could be a present.

Woftin in the breeze like a sparkly tease baby.
Floatin like a flower blown away like a seed
being planted for a new day baby.
There's a baby... and another one.

Try to record yourself but you can't, you can only get a picture...
So you try to target yourself but you gotta love yourself baby.

Swirlin in a vortex. Half of who i used to be.
Everything's all wavy baby. I don't know what's happenin to me.
Yeah, No more salvia for me.

Everything's goin gray now.. yeah.. negative art!
Blurry like a show of COPS.
Bad reception.
Grainy like the stone age of philosophy.
And bubbly like the bubbles in my pee.
Clownin around like i don't know what to do!
I got a heart that's full of sticky ugly goo.

Oh, it's time to get rough, baby!

Cus i'm TNT. I'm dynamite.
Cus i'm TNT. Yeah, I'll win the fight.
Cus i'm... TNT. yeah.
Play the song Colin!