by Asguardians

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Asguardians is a small EP that chronicles 2 rare, viking-themed metal songs that Connor Arbiter appeared on! Put on your armor, wield your sword, and ready yourself for a hilariously awkward battle!


released October 15, 2008

Artwork arranged by Connor Arbiter




Connor Arbiter's Hidden Temple of Music Traverse City, Michigan

Connor Arbiter is known by most people as "that lulzy guy who growls for the band Arbiter", but since 2006, Connor has appeared in many projects, extending far beyond the reaches of expectation!

Welcome to Connor Arbiter's Hidden Temple of Music. You'll find B-sides, unreleased tracks, demos, works-in-progress, and other tastes of Connor Arbiter's projects, both serious and completely ridiculous!
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Track Name: At Dawn We Rise
Her name is Jordyn!
Her hair is soft and fluffy.
I enjoy conversing with her.
Sometimes face to face!
Remember the time I scared your inner angels?
And you thought you were crashing into the heavens?

Her name is Abby!
When we dined upon the feast of Mexico,
You ate six fucking tacos.
Then we traveled back to your humble abode.
We watched them gladiators fucking battle!
Track Name: A New Throne
Come, good sirs! Mount the steeds of vengeance.
We ride in creed to the horizon,
Where our enemies await us,
With catapults, with flames and shit!
This is the dawn of a new throne!

This is the dawn of a new throne,
Of a new kingdom, a new home!
(The dawn of a new kingdom!)
New fucking kingdom, new fucking throne!

Tit ass shit fuck balls vag twat,
Douche whore slut skank,
Bitch hoe fag cock dyke!
Fuck you!

As we ride into battle, you should probably..
(Prepare to die!)
With my brothers by my side, take steed motherfuckers!
(It's time to ride!)
Hooves of thunder, wings of flame,
Blades of steel, bringers of pain!
We shall always rise!